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There’s Something Different ….

You may have noticed that there was, um, a small change in the appearance of Court 7. Here's a before shot, and a shot after 200 hours of labor. More on this herculean effort later, but in the meantime, check out the photos of the jobĀ here.

Before the miracle...

Before the miracle...

Let there be tennis!

Let there be tennis!

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  1. awesome doods!

  2. And gal!

  3. Wow wow wow! Great job guys!

  4. Looks awesome!

  5. mccarren tennis = non-profit that actually gets shit done! amazing!

  6. Holy crap. Great job everyone!

  7. amazing improvement!!

  8. Wow! Looks great!

  9. I just wet my pants. You people are amazing!

  10. Wow, it’s a real tennis court! Nice work, guys!

  11. Look incredible! Great job!

  12. it looks really, really good.

  13. Damn. I’ve already forgotten the 20 hours I spent at the courts on Saturday, Sunday and this morning. There is still paint on my hands and on my legs, but holy crap…. it’s amazing.

  14. That is freakin’ bee-YOOOO-TEE-FULL!

  15. Photos of the entire process. Whew! Glad thats over – my back is killing me!

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